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Unmatched Firefighting Performance

Tetra KO


The commitment of EarthClean Corporation to sustainability begins at the earliest stages of planning and R&D, and continues through operations, sourcing and deliverables.  More than 50 percent of TetraKO next generation firefighting powder concentrate is made from cornstarch, a renewable agricultural ingredient.

TetraKO can play an important role as an environmentally friendly alternative to existing firefighting foams, super absorbent polymer-based fire suppressants, and phosphorous and ammonia dioxide-based retardants. These suppressants and retardants can be harmful to fish, mammals, trees, plants and the watershed.

And use of the TetraKO technology reduces the hazardous pollutants and released carbon dioxide that are constant by-products of all destructive fires fought using traditional methods.

The company’s entire business model is built on identifying and enacting sustainable practices, such as:

•    Engage in ISO 14001 actions internally and with key suppliers

•    Use Just In Time (JIT) supply chain practices

•    Minimal use of printed materials

•    Practice reuse/recycle

•    Use locally sourced ingredients and supplies whenever possible

•    Integrate sales operations into existing product distribution channels