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Unmatched Firefighting Performance

How To Use


TetraKO powder concentrate should be mixed in a free-standing TurboMixer or Wildland Skid system, available in tank sizes that range from 200 to 1000 gallons. This mixing takes approximately five minutes to produce as much as 1,000 gallons of TetraKO solution. Once mixed, TetraKO solution is easily offloaded to a pumper or any fire apparatus that sprays water—including water cans or backpacks. No special application equipment is required, as the technology utilizes standard hoses and nozzles, and will not affect the apparatus pump.


  • 250-gallon mini pumper or brush-truck: one 12.5-pound container
  • 500-gallon wildland pumper: two 12.5-pound containers

TetraKO is extremely effective for handheld and backpack sprayers. Because TetraKO sticks to vegetation, wildland firefighters gain significantly more yield and protection than with standard water or Class A foam.


Each gallon of TetraKO will convert to 3200 cu.ft. of cooler dry steam. Most water and foam will run off vertical surfaces; therefore they produce considerably less steam conversion.

For more information on application rates and instructions, call 612-230-3550.