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Unmatched Firefighting Performance


Wildland and Urban Interface

Almost all wildfires start out small, and we know the objective is to keep them small and controlled before they hurt people, damage property, and resources.

TetraKO is very effective in quickly combating wildfires as it suppresses the wildfire faster and provides unparallel protection for vegetation and structures.  Once TetraKO is applied it sticks and will not fall to the ground. This creates a non-toxic fire protection barrier for all types of wildland vegetation.  TetraKO has been successfully used on small grass fires and at large wildfires, such as the Possum Kingdom (PK) complex fires in Texas. Read our Fire Incident Reports for details.

TetraKO can reduce fire departments costs. It is expensive to have an assigned engine company protecting a single structure until a fire passes. With TetraKO, a department can use a quick attack vehicle to coat a single home, or a 10,000-gallon watertender with a hose lay to coat a whole neighborhood, alleviating the need for multiple engine companies being dedicated to single structures.

Whether you are focused on a quick initial attack, constructing a Wet line on the ground, a Retardant Line from an airtanker or helicopter, or a Handline from a backpack, there is nothing more effective than TetraKO.

TetraKO is perfect for Hotspots and Wet Mop-Up once a wildfire has been contained, as it can be sprayed in a fine mist like water. TetraKO increases the water capacity of extinguishers and backpacks providing the greatest level of yield and protection against rekindle.

TetraKO can be pumped out of any standard fire equipment that pumps water and it will not set-up in hoses. TetraKO is mixed into the water tank using a hand-held PowderBlaster system. We can turn a 3,000-gallon mobile tanker into the equivalent of 30,000 gallons of water and a five-gallon backpack converts to the equivalent of 50 gallons of water because there is virtually no waste with TetraKO.

TetraKO can be batch-mixed in a watertender and carried out to the fireline and used to refill fire engines or pump a hose lay. And it has been independently tested and certified to be non-toxic to plant-life, fish, mammals and waterways.


The goal of firefighting is to save lives, control the fire, and to protect property.

Imagine arriving at an unoccupied residential fire, in the fully developed stage, with a 250-gallon quick-attack vehicle and knocking down the fire, using a defensive attack, in a matter of minutes with minimal water damage to the home.

Imagine leaving a fire scene after mop-up with the highest level of confidence that there will be no rekindle after you send your firefighters home to be with their families.

TetraKO is an effective, earth-friendly technology for fighting urban structural fires because it has the highest level of calorie absorption, steam conversion, rekindle protection, and the innate ability to make water stick.

Any fire apparatus that can pump water, can pump TetraKO, and the product has been tested on virtually every type of nozzle, including piercing nozzles.

With TetraKO fire departments will use far less water or foam to put out a structural fire, significantly reducing the size of the fire apparatus needed, and reducing water damage.

At the scene of a fire, TetraKO can be used to quickly protect adjacent structures with a quick application on the exterior of the structure.  During mop-up, TetraKO is easily rinsed off with a garden hose and it will not affect the structure or the environment.