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Unmatched Firefighting Performance


TetraKO® next generation water enhancer is an environmentally friendly, patented product that transforms ordinary water into an adhering liquid that can be pumped through standard fire equipment. TetraKO uses no super absorbent polymers. The product has proven to be far superior because its proprietary dual thickening agent allows it to adhere and stay where applied. When heated by fire, TetraKO becomes even thicker and releases a dense steam, dramatically aiding in fire suppression. TetraKO’s significant benefits to firefighters are numerous:

Faster knockdown – By adhering to vertical surfaces TetraKO removes the fuel from the fire and allows the steam to work in the upper thermal layers, dramatically reducing heat and smothering the fire. TetraKO can knockdown fire faster and more effectively than water, traditional Class A foam and compressed air foams (CAF).

Effective suppression – TetraKO knocks out all sides of the fire tetrahedron by reducing heat, removing the fuel source and oxygen, thus eliminating a chemical reaction. It’s exponentially more effective than Class A foam and compressed air foam systems (CAFS).

Reduces rekindling – By adhering to surfaces of any orientation, TetraKO reduces rekindling by providing a blanket of fire protection.

Reduces water damage – TetraKO curbs firefighting water damage by reducing the amount of water required to extinguish the blaze.

Earth Friendly – TetraKO is independently certified biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It is non-toxic to firefighters and the public.

Easy to Use – TetraKO easily mixes with water. The resulting solution is pumped through standard fire apparatus, hoses and nozzles – including piercing nozzles. No need for costly foam pump or proportioning system.

Enhances Safety – TetraKO’s ability to attack, suppress and contain fire will make firefighting operations safer for firefighters. The product is no more slippery than plain water.

Effective in Wildlands – TetraKO clings to sensitive fuels, and is especially efficient for laying down a wetline to keep fires from crossing borders. TetraKO can be applied to wildfires from the air using SEATS, Scoopers, or Air Tankers, and is effective in ground operations as well.