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Fire Incident Reports

Download and read Fire Incident Reports that feature stories from Peer Group fire departments and other industry professionals.

TetraKO responds to fast moving grassfire
Wind gusts up to 40 mph means a fast moving fire jumping from one area to another. An ATV loaded with TetraKO races across open territory to chase down hot spot.

Andover FD battles wildfire blaze with help from TetraKO
Due to a wet spring and early summer in 2011, the wildfire season in the Twin Cities metro area has been a relatively calm one. But, as fall comes to a close, the weather has been drier…

Fridley FD and TetraKO attack manufactured home fire
The Fridley, Minn. Fire Department is called to an early morning house fire involving a manufactured home. Firefighters arrive and find that about 25 percent of the structure is in flames.

TetraKO’s role in Texas Possum Kingdom (PK) Complex Fires
We saved quite a number of structures, and TetraKO did a great job. The thing I found as the biggest benefit of TetraKO is that it holds the moisture longer and holds up better than Class A foam. I watched them use it and I got feedback from the guys on the engine. They all spoke very highly about the TetraKO!

Wayzata FD attacks house fire with TetraKO water enhancer
“When we pulled up in front of the house, the east side of the dwelling was completely involved in flames. The flames were coming out of the first floor area and going up the side and past the roofline. Moreover, the garage that was only five to six feet away from the house had burning embers falling onto its roof.”

TetraKO takes on 122 hay bale fire in 106º temperatures
Assistant Fire Chief Keith Kuzniarek responds to a mutual aid request from a neighboring department on a fire consuming 122 round bales of hay. The first responding department uses an initial 5,000 gallons of water and leaves the scene to refill. When they return, Kuzniarek uses his brush truck and 300 gallons of TetraKO, mixed at a .2% solution, to knock out the fire on the outside of the bales.

TetraKO put to the test on Texas grass fire
TetraKO is mixed into a 300-gallon brush truck and is able to extinguish a seven to 10-acre grass fire with just 100 – 150 gallons of mixed solution. A 2,000 gallon tanker on standby is never needed. Read the entire story by Assistant Fire Chief Keith Kuzniarek from the Reagan Volunteer Fire Department in Falls County, Texas.

TetraKO takes on abandoned house fire
TetraKO is tested on three different attacks in an abandoned farm house in Iowa, with firefighters representing Montour, Tama, LeGrand, Haverhill, Green Mountain and Hiawatha Fire Departments. “I’ve used foam, and TetraKO is a lot more effective than foam.

TetraKO participates in garage fire test in Iowa
A group of Iowa fire departments invite TetraKO to participate in an abandoned garage fire test. The conditions are hot and windy, but TetraKO meets the challenge. “You could see the smoke change color and the steam conversion happen.” Read the entire story from Mike Buchanan of the Montour Fire Department.

TetraKO Performs at Test Burn in Northern Minnesota
The most impressive thing we saw is that we coated the outside of one wall with TetraKO and the rest of the building burned into a pile but that one wall wouldn’t burn. I mean, the building fell in a pile, this remaining wall finally tipped over and fell on top of the fire and it just wouldn’t burn.

TetraKO Saves Pontiac!
The fire was on University Avenue southbound at 61st, about half a mile south of the station. When we pulled out, we could see the plume of smoke in the sky, so we knew we had a working fire right from the word “go”. The owner had exited the vehicle and crossed the highway. I went to her while my crew responded.

TetraKO Buys Time on Tough Dumpster Fire
Upon arrival of a fully involved dumpster fire located next to a vacant restaurant, firefighters notice that the fire is extending to the adjacent building. Crews use TetraKO to achieve initial knockdown of the dumpster fire, giving them the time they need to extinguish a fire that was threatening the building itself.

TetraKO Blasts Car Fire
I’ve been in the fire service for 30 years and I’ve seen different products come and go. The TetraKO water enhancer made me sit up and take notice: You know, this might be the one that gives us a better way to put out fires. We had a car fire on University Avenue less than a half mile from the station. When we pulled out of the station…

TetraKO Attacks Garage Fire and Saves Home
When we arrived, the garage was totally engulfed, with flames blasting out of the front. The garage was loaded with fuel sources, including a car and two snowmobiles. Engine 11 was the “first-in” engine, and they stretched two 1 ¾-inch pre-connected lines and immediately commenced a coordinated attack on the fire. We were, literally, a minute to two minutes from the fire burning through into the house and blow torching the entire structure. Read what happens next or Watch the eyewitness video.

TetraKO Attacks Attic Fire
When Spring Lake Park/Blaine/Mounds View (SBM) Fire Department District Fire Chief Doug Nelson arrives at the scene of a home fire he is greeted by 8-foot flames emerging from an attic and a hole burning through the center of the roof. With a limited window of opportunity to save the structure, he assigns the team from Engine 11, a pumper containing a .7% solution of TetraKO. Read what happens next!

TetraKO Helps Save Community Church
TetraKO next generation gel saves a local community church with remarkable defensive attack. While an aerial apparatus is establishing a defensive attack position on this working fire that had already extended through the building’s roof, SBM fire fighters applied TetraKO using a single 1″ and 3/4″ pre-connected attack line from engine 11.

TetraKO Attacks Wisconsin Wildfire
TetraKO next generation firefighting gel is used from a brush truck and backpack sprayers on a 10+ acre wildfire. TetraKO solution outperforms conventional Class A foam at a wildfire in central Wisconsin. A single 175-gallon brush truck using TetraKO worked in tandem with much larger DNR vehicles dispensing Class A foam. The occasion showcased TetraKO’s ability to knockdown and contain a wildfire.

TetraKO Featured at Fire Investigation Tests
TetraKO firefighting gel used in side-by-side comparisons with plain water and traditional Class A foam at test burns on a farmhouse, two garages, a barn and three 10-foot by 10-foot pods by EFI Global, a nationally recognized, full service forensic engineering and fire investigation group.