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Unmatched Firefighting Performance

A Patented Difference

How TetraKO is Different Than Other Water Enhancers

First generation water enhancers use Super Absorbent Polymers (SAPs) that are not biodegradable and not designed to be pumped. And they create a very slippery surface where applied at and around the fire site.

TetraKO employs Shear Thinning technology, allowing it to be pumped as a thick gel under pressure through existing hoses, lines and nozzles. No special equipment is required.

To clean tanks and hoses, simply rinse them with water after TetraKO use. There will be no residue.

A Patented Difference

Under development for many years, TetraKO technologies are patented or patent pending, and are independently certified biodegradable. TetraKO transforms ordinary water into an adhering liquid that can be pumped through standard fire equipment to Attack, Suppress and Contain both structural and wildland fires.

TetraKO is far superior to Class-A foams and first generation gels due to its proprietary dual thickening agent that allows the product to adhere and stay where it is applied.

Moreover, when heated by fire, it becomes thicker and converts to a dense steam, dramatically aiding in fire suppression. This “steam effect” is perhaps the most important of TetraKO’s fire suppression capabilities.

Shear Thinning technology converts TetraKO from a gel to a liquid when pumped under pressure and then reverting back to a gel. Once it leaves the nozzle, it reverts back to its original gel form. Due to this revolutionary technology, the product also sprays farther and offers more effective fogging than water alone.