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Disrupting the Fire Tetrahedron

Fire requires four elements in order to start and continue to burn. These basic elements of fire are called the fire tetrahedron; they include heat, fuel and oxygen. The fourth element of fire is a self-sustaining chemical reaction. Called “combustion”, it produces continued heat that serves to keep the fire burning.

TetraKO disrupts all sides of the fire tetrahedron including combustion.

  • Heat: TetraKO cools the fire through excessive caloric consumption.
  • Fuel: TetraKO’s ability to adhere and stay where applied creates a barrier, separating the heat from the fuel.
  • Oxygen: When TetraKO is applied within the hot thermal boundary layers of a fire, the resultant steam displaces oxygen. Knockdown and suppression are, therefore, significantly enhanced while rekindling probability is dramatically reduced.