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Who are the people behind TetraKO?

TetraKO is a product of EarthClean Corporation’s fire subsidiary, TetraKO LLC. The company’s development team consists of scientific, engineering, and firefighting resources.  In addition, EarthClean collaborates with its Fire Operations Advisory Board (FOAB) of fire chiefs, expert fire industry consultants, and fire equipment distributors.

How can I become a distributor?

EarthClean is looking for hands-on fire equipment distributors that will aggressively market and sell TetraKO.  Direct all distributor inquiries to Mark Stump, VP of Product Marketing. Scottbocklund@earthclean.com

I am a firefighter. How can I see the product in action?

You’ll first want to view the video clips on this website that show both side-by-side comparisons for structural, wildland and urban interface applications.  Please contact Scottbocklund@earthclean.com who will arrange for our closest distributor to work with you to demo our product.


Exactly what is this new product and why was it developed? What big problems does it address?

The TetraKO technology was created to make firefighting safer for firefighters. On average in the USA there are over 80,000 firefighter injuries and 100 firefighter deaths each year. Firefighters have up to six-times the cancer rate of an average person.  If we can knock a fire down in less time – and keep firefighters in a defensive mode – we will help make it a safer world for firefighters.

What is the “steam-effect” of TetraKO?

We call it the “Cornstarch-Steam” and have proven that the corn starch in TetraKO  provide dramatic heat reduction in the upper thermal layers of a fire. In fact, in test after test TetraKO has shown to drop the heat in the upper thermal layer by 50% in under 15 seconds after the initial application.

What are the advantages of TetraKO over other suppressants?

In addition to fast heat reduction, proven environmental benefits, and dramatic reduction in water use, TetraKO does not require the purchase of an expensive foam or CAFS system. The product can literally pay for itself by eliminating the need for expensive equipment that can cost up to $30,000.

How is the product earth friendly?

TetraKO has been independently tested and certified by research labs to be both “ready” biodegradable and non-toxic using OCED standards. TetraKO is also certified non-toxic to water, fish, plants and mammals by independent research organizations.

Compared to water and Class A foam, what is the coverage area of one-gallon of sprayed product?

Water quickly flows,and traditional foams slide, down vertical surfaces. TetraKO simply does not. Our applied product adheres to vertical surfaces as well as to interior ceilings. This unique “stick-and-stay” characteristic of TetraKO yields heat calorie absorption that is approximately 10x more effective than water or foam.


How is TetraKO used in various wildfire and urban interface situations?

TetraKO is very effective for wildfires by establishing wetlines and coating fuels ahead of a wildfire through tanker drops and apparatus and handheld backpack application. The product was very successfully evaluated by a California Hot Shot team that included firefighters from Los Angeles County and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority: watch the California wildfire video on this website to see and hear the results. And on a live wildfire in Wisconsin, a 175-gallon brush truck using TetraKO outperformed much larger DNR vehicles using Class A foam.  In urban interface situations, houses and property can be protected for a period of time by pre-coating the structure using TetraKO.

What changes in firefighting techniques are recommended?

Nozzle management is the biggest change for firefighters because less water is needed. Otherwise the technology is not disruptive with standard firefighting or incident command operating procedures. TetraKO is most effective when sprayed from the ceiling down to the floor allowing it to stick in the hottest thermal layers.  With TetraKO, firefighters can now coat-and-move, and let the technology work to suppress the fire! In a car fire, use of a circular motion as demonstrated on the Barron car fire video on this website is the recommended technique.

Can a homeowner apply TetraKO onto his or her dwelling?

EarthClean has developed a commercial-class system for homeowners in and urban interface setting. The system consists of a 200 gallon tank, mixing system, 150 foot hose reel, and an 11 hp pump. Homeowners can self coat a home much faster than cheaper consumer versions that hook up to a garden hose and can take hours to properly coat a home.

Is TetraKO slippery when applied?

TetraKO solution is 99+% water, and is no more slippery than water. Using TetraKO, rather than first generation gels and foams, which can be extremely slippery, renders the area of use much safer for firefighters.

How can TetraKO help protect firefighters?

TetraKO will help protect firefighters safer by providing better knockdown ability while in a defensive mode, keeping the firefighters further away from heat, fire and falling structures. In addition, less time on the fire scene means fewer injuries related to exertion.


How much do I mix into my fire truck’s water tank?

TetraKO is primarily packaged in 12.5 lb containers. One container will mix a 250-gallons of TetraKO.

Can we use TetraKO with Class A foam?

Yes, but there is no reason to run Class A foam when TetraKO is proven to be better than foams.

What type of discharge nozzle or other special equipment do I need?

None. Everything that is currently used to flow water on a truck can be used to flow TetraKO.

Can TetraKO be used in below zero weather?

TetraKO can be used in the same weather conditions as water.

Can the product be batch mixed for remote use in foldable water tanks and drop tanks?

Yes.  Mix TetraKO as you normally would into a firefighting vehicle, using the PowderBlaster® system. Then use a dump valve to empty the vehicle’s tank into a foldable water tank.

Can TetraKO be used in handheld and backpack sprayers for working wildfires?

Yes. The product was successfully used in backpack sprayers on a live wildfire in Wisconsin. The fire chief reported that the backpack sprayers were far more effective than if they had been filled with plain water. Go to the “Case Studies” page on this website to read the entire story.

How do you remove the product from a structure?

On the exterior, TetraKO can be removed with a simple garden hose water wash. A power sprayer is not needed.

How long will the product remain useable once it’s mixed?

TetraKO XL, under development and expected for release in 2012, will last 3-5 months in a batch mixed tank.

Will it gum up my nozzles, pump, hoses or tank?

Due to the product’s unique ability to “shear” to an aqueous state when pressure is applied, TetraKO can go through all existing fire truck pumps, hoses and nozzles.  TetraKO will not clog equipment and it cleans up with water. It is important to use water to clean out any leftover TetraKO residue once the tank is empty so it does not biodegrade in the hose.

What is the storage life of TetraKO concentrate?

The product is warranted for 2-years of shelf life.